IndigoAce! “On ErryThang”.

Fresh off the press from the Nawf$ide, and shot by NuzLightYearIndigoAce! brings us clean, trippy new visuals and single since his recent name change formally known as Ace Boogie. Riding the track with his melodic auto tune, he brings us a sound almost reminiscent of “Understand” from the recently released Planes! album R.I.C.O. Also produced by Victory Lap, he continues to run his own victory laps by providing a hard hitting track. Be sure to check out the video below and check out more content at the official website of the Planes!









OG – Get It Go

With 2017 in full effect, Shift Team’s own OG is back with a new single. After announcing that he will be releasing a project a few months ago, he buckled down and dropped 3 songs since. His song “Politicking” has a Joey Bada$$ “1999” feel to it soon as it plays, the production of OG’s music just makes his smooth wordplay even better. Finding motivation in a studio session of his, OG went on to make “Get It Go” The beat includes Sonic The Hedgehog ring sounds during the hook that’s sure to take you back to your childhood. With “Get It Go” OG definitely has a banger on his hands, make sure to go check it out! Stay up y’all. 


Carefully Crafted

With fashion being something that I love and truly care about deeply, I quite often find myself looking for new clothing brands to cop from. I personally really enjoy brands like Stussy, Undeafeated, and 10 Deep. But being in Denver there are plenty of dope brands like Rif.B, Cones, Wue Clothing, Last Ones Left, and many more. After being quiet for the past few years, the Colorado based brand The Crafty Collective is here to pick up where they left off. The brands official release date was January 31st, and there unique Fall/Winter collection has definitely demanded our attention. I sat down with one of Crafty’s founding members Lamont Lynch and we talked about the history of the brand, style inspirations, and much more! Check it out below.

When was Crafty founded and what was the inspiration behind starting it? 

“Crafty Collective was founded around my sophomore/ junior year of high school back in 2012. We bought the equipment necessary to start making shirts and sweaters for ourselves in the basement and called it Crafty. I guess we just had a knack for something different and we had countless ideas of fresh apparel we could make for ourselves”

As a representative of Crafty clothing, how does it feel to see the brand take off how it has so far?

“Its an amazing feeling, almost unreal, especially being that Crafty Collective started as something we just did for ourselves in the basement. So that we could wear something different, for the fun of it kinda thing. People loved it from the jump. The mission was never to copyright our brand and become a business like we are now. After so many people began to ask for it, it only made sense that we supply it. All of the the pieces just came together. We have fun with this whole fashion thing so it feels good that people see the love and time we take into making some of freshest apparel in the city”

When it comes to fashion who happens to be your biggest style influence and why? 

“My biggest style influence has always been my mom, she is one of the freshest people I know. What I love about her approach to her style is that she doesn’t believe in being boxed in to “Norms” and can give a damn about other peoples opinions. Dress to express and you’ll impress”

What can we expect to see from Crafty’s upcoming 2017 Spring collection? 

“I don’t want to give away the spring vibe just yet! What I will let you know is that we will continue to evolve and continue to provide feel good clothing for those who love Crafty and keep the flame keeper lifestyle on top. Those who have been following us since day one see our progression and how far we have came. We will continue to push that envelope. We see no boundaries.”

The culture in the city has been expanding rapidly, how do you feel about the direction the city is going in? 

“THE CULTURE IS EXPANDING RAPIDLY,  and I love it. Having been raised in denver, I know a bit of culture and style is what Denver has been missing. Im just happy to be apart of it and be able to be a driving force to this”

Besides Crafty apparel, what is your favorite brand?

 “I like “10deep” because they started out a lot like we did. To see how big they have become getting it the same way we do is inspiring. It shows that it can be done. Not that I ever had doubt but it feels good to have an established brand set a bar for us to aim to exceed.”

Everybody be sure to check out Crafty’s catalogue on their website TheCraftyCollective.com 


Dope Friday’s Hosted By Kilroy

It’s 2017 and we had to hit y’all with another Dope Friday’s! This is this very first entry for us of the new year, so it’s a special one! In the addition of Dope Friday’s, I’ve decided to bring in the new year with some new tracks, also mix in some our great local artist, and add some bonus throwback tracks for some of you looking for a nostalgic experience on this dope Friday. We have a lot of music to wait for throughout the year both local and mainstream, but it’ll be worth the wait! Give my picks a listen and feel free to lob suggestions for the next playlist, it just might be featured in the next one. Bless!



Bastard Hootie – Life of Slumpilization 

Bro Fam had a very productive 2016 as far as making moves is concerned. Bastard Hootie made sure to end the year with a bang with his project “Life After Slumpilization”. With recent releases like Trayce Chapman’s “The Izm”, and KMA’s “Wav.Form” it’s not hard to see who extremely stood out this year. His last project “UA” had multiple bangers like “Can’t You See” featuring Marnay, and the Treezy produced tracks  “I Still Love Her”. After announcing his project “Life After Slumpilization”, Bastard happened to share a promo video which received lots of attention for his project. The 11 track project holds a feature from Denver’s own 6th Ave. The first song titled “The Bastard Freestyle” is bound to immediately snatch your attention due to the crazy beat selection it possesses (thanks to TreezyMadeIt). With stand out songs like “Da Box Ain’t The Same” and “DATAINTMENOMO” you will surely find yourself somewhere nodding your head. Smoke one and listen to the project! Stay up!


Dope Friday’s Hosted By Kilroy

Happy Friday once again y’all! I hope everybody is breaking in the soon to be new year just right, just like us. We would like to present the return of Dope Friday’s, and it’ll be hosted by me, Kevin Kilroy. Show some love to the playlist of dope music I’ve accumulated full of 2016 bangers, both of local and mainstream talent. This is just a short peek of what I’ve been listening to this past year going into 2017. Hope you guys enjoy, have a safe new year! Bless.



Trayce Chapman – The Izm 

December 9th should be considered a national holiday for music fans, especially with J.Cole and Ab Soul both releasing their projects “For Your Eyez” and “Do What Thou Wilt” today. Nonetheless, those aren’t the only projects that have been released today, Trayce Chapman blessed us with his long awaited project “The Izm”. With lyrics like “Top 3 when you speak on me, I’m like Nas to the 303”, it’s safe to say that Trayce is back to show us why he’s one of Denver’s premier artist. My favorite song on the project would have to either be “Wildfire” or “Laughing at Nothing” where he showcased his distinctive lyrical ability. The 13 track mixtape holds features from Squizzy Gang’s own AP, and a familiar face to our site Damien The Architect. The other members of Bro Fam are doing things as well. KMA recently just dropped his project “Wav.Form” in November and Bastard Hootie will be dropping his project “Life After Slumpilization” next week. Sit back and tap into your IZM, make sure to check out the project. Stay up!



Views of the world with Dae’Jha

When recognizing someone for their craft, you often wonder what lies in their own creative minds. This mind right here, is anything but ordinary.  Dae’Jha also known as Dae’Jha Vu or La’Flare amongst several different aliases, gives us a view of the world through his eyes. Apart of the popular Denver rap collective Planes!, he remains behinds the scenes of it all but plays a very pivotal in capturing the great moments of the group. Whether he’s capturing moments on stage during a performance or for a video shoot, he always manages to leave his imprint on the scene. Outside of his own collective, he has provided his talent to a widespread of people locally, including myself, on more than one occasion. Not many people can capture the pure essence of the moment at hand, but he can not only do this exactly but also manage to put his own unique twist to the mix. Photography can often be overshadowed by a lot of things, but as long as the Nikon flashes bright, it can phase out the shadows the venture is draped in. With time and new skills added to his arsenal, it’s only up from here for the young man. Maybe he’ll be in your next Complex, Thrasher, or even XXL magazine shoot. The possibilities are endless for him! Check out his work below and don’t hesitate to contact him for inquiries about your next shoot! Huge shout out to my big brother  Issif Fofana aka @Trillassafrican for helping make the vision come alive!! Bless, until next time.











Journey into the creative mind of Tony Casso 

Possessing multiple talents of all sorts seems like a rarity among the common person these days. Tony Casso is one of those rare people offering his talent in rapping, singing, dancing, playing several instruments, videography and photography. Reigning in from Mississippi, he’s finding a way to put his imprint on the world through his many talents. Whether it’s with his songwriting or capturing the moment through his lense. Making a business out of what his does best, he continues to be innovative and more importantly motivated! Check out “Help” by King Almighty, shot by Tony Casso himself! #UrbanCasso Until next time y’all, bless! 


We “Know Wassup” with DNA

Born in the 90’s, DNA premiers his new video “Know Wassup” which is a self-explanatory title in its entirety. With dazzling effects, and shot sequences by NVisionsStudios, the young man wants you to know he’s coming for the crown. His steeze and swaggy dance moves prove that he has the charisma to run a heavy following with his top-quality tracks. Coming a long way from his beginnings, it’s a whole new ball game for the Hit-boy himself. Check out the video down below and be sure to keep up with DNA on all of his platforms! Until next time y’all, bless.